Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bob Schieffer is crap

I was reminded why I don't watch the Sunday shows when I caught the lest few minutes of Face the Nation wherein Bob Schieffer called for both Democrats and Republicans to put aside partisan political games. I am tempted to imply that Schieffer is suffering from some age-related mental deficiency, but that would be wrong. His mental deficiencies probably have nothing to do with his age. He suffers from the affliction so many of our mediacrats suffer from, the stupid, stupid, stupid belief that being "neutral" equals being "fair" and this means that we call on both parties to put aside the petty games, even is only one party is currently participating in petty childishness.

In the entire stimulus debate, has any Republican said anything that even remotely sounds like they have the slightest interest in what might be good for the economy or the country? I mean if any of these fuckers actually believes that the solution to this crisis is reduced spending and more tax cuts, then Bob Schieffer et al in our so-called free press need to have the cajones to call these people out on it. They've had their time, it proved an abject failure.

The original stimulus bill was probably too small to do what is necessary. It was larded up with a bunch of tax breaks for the Chamber. For fuck sake, in a time when the vast majority of economists and financial people are saying that we need massive government spending in order to avoid another great depression, we are going to make sure that the government does not collect $350 billion dollars that it would collect after eight years of a tax-cutting orgy. We are cutting motherfucking taxes. I struggle to comprehend it.

Then we get the Republicans demanding more tax cuts or they won't vote for the bill. They get their motherfucking tax cuts. They refuse to vote for the bill. They lie about programs. They exaggerate. They make breath-taking leaps of logic (like ACORN is getting $10 billion in aid because there is $10 billion for community programs and ACORN is a community program) that should get them banned from ever being quoted again in anything other than a monologue. They get Dems to slash very necessary spending and dd more very harmful tax cuts and then still don't vote for the bill. These people are playing political games and do not care about the county. This is apparent to anyone paying the least bit of attention.

Unfortunately, those we pay to pay attention for us are more concerned about being "neutral" than they are about telling the nation what is happening. This is why I don't watch this shit.

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