Friday, February 20, 2009

Absolutely Essential Viewing

A highlight of 2009: CNBC's Rick Santelli on the floor of the NYSE, confusing himself and his trader colleagues with "regular folks."

Robert Gibbs' recent reference to the Santelli blast's also a hoot:

Gibbs gleefully went after Drudge's favorite CNBC reporter at today's briefing, casting his position as the view that "the adage that if it was...good for a derivatives trader it was good for main street."


brown beard said...

Man...that's good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Obama and ACORN sued banks over the mortgages and this is why it's a mortgage crisis. All loans had to be equal or it's a law suit.

He guaranteed the foreign buyers of the bundled mortgages before Merrill sold to China and now he's guaranteeing no foreclosure and payments. It's easier to let them go bankrupt and pay off the Chinese mortgages. China is mad because Obama won't just pay them off, what they thought the deal was; he'll force bankruptcies before he pays off the mortgage.

wobblie said...

And where does the "secret Muslim/not-a-citizen" angle come in, Anon?

I've gotta say, the quality of the right-wing kool-aid has been slipping.