Friday, December 5, 2008

Overnight Blather

Who you got for labor?.....waiting...

TPM reports:
Former Rep. David Bonior, who has deep roots in the labor movement, has mounted an aggressive behind-the-scenes campaign, with letters and personal lobbying, to press the Obama transition team and top labor leaders to get behind his pick for labor secretary: Union activist Mary Beth Maxwell, who would make history as the first openly gay cabinet member.

Bonior, who has been trying in vain to get his own name taken off the shortlist for the post, is also confirming for the first time that if asked by Obama, he would take the job, though he would prefer Maxwell.

I wonder what the hold up is??? personaly, I got no frackin' clue who it is gonna be.

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lex dexter said...

Bonior would be effing great for god's sakes. As would Maxwell. I still think we'll get somebody way less ideologically hostile to corporate America, maybe Sebelius.

But then, maybe the reason BHO is waiting to make the nominations is because he wants to rock the boat as little as possible. Mebbe we'll get Karl Marx's corpse put into nomination, and BHO just doesn't wanna have the nomination receive undo media attention.