Monday, December 1, 2008

crap/not crap: BHO's Cabinet Appointments (as of 12/1/2008)

well....? A new poll is available on the right side of your screen.


robes said...

I say not crap, but jeez, I was really hoping for a few more "prog" types up in the econo-jam.

lex dexter said...

miroslav vitous.

brown beard said...

I guess Iran isn't really a top of the list issue AT THE MOMENT, but Hillary has been fairly hawkish with regards to military action. And my future-alarums are going off in my spine because of it. (Not to mention the Russia/Georgia farce. What a stage-setter that was...) But who knows? Maybe the Team America World Police analogy of dicks/assholes/pussies is salient here, and Hillary will have to bring her asshole game (shouldn't be hard) to compensate for the non-asshole president.