Thursday, August 15, 2013

Why the Umbrella, I Have to Ask

People who know me understand why I am going to end up here for dinner tonight despite my best intentions. Yes, I love me some fried chicken, but damn if I don't love that logo. It doesn't hurt that they offer a half order of giblets - liver, gizzards, heart - for $6. I am assuming that they will be breaded and fried. Don't worry fans, a dinner of fried chicken will have me back to depressed blogging in no time!


ash said...

I think the more important question is why the giblets? Ugh, seriously, why?

lex dexter said...

Is the green umbrella becuz it rains in Oregon? Does the fryer (sic) not know that people from OR don't carry umbrellas?

solidcitizen said...

Chicken hearts done right, and these were, are delicious. The gizzards were tough and they were all out of livers. The half-portion I ordered was giant. Like take your average plate size, double it, then pile on the fried chicken hearts. The fine folks at the Fryer do not know that I pay $4 for a skewer of two grilled chicken hearts that have been drizzled with soy sauce at Meiji in Eugene.

The place was interesting. I might have been the only person ever to surf the net on an ipad in there. Although they have a trivia night on Tuesdays. Maybe they draw a different crowd for trivia night. Either that or I could earn some Fryer Tuck gift certificates pretty easily, I think.