Friday, August 23, 2013


That moment at work where you realize you are working on the right things, but approaching them with all the wrong assumptions.

Consider this a placeholder and a promise of a longer post to come about my philosophical differences with/ideological objections to the work I am doing in my present position.

But, getting back to a conversation we were having earlier, this is a thought I would feel more comfortable completing after we move into our new digs or, if we're staying here at Ye Olde Blogspot, after I adopt a more pseudonymous nom de post.

To be continued...


solidcitizen said...

Yeah, the move is on hold. I asked a friend to register our domain so we could go anywhere and he's all like "If you started blogging again, I'd do it for free!" I told him to look at the OG. I have not heard from him since. I guess it's possible he does not consider what we are doing here too be "blogging."

ash said...

couldn't we just switch to another site without being masters of our domain?

wobblie said...

Moving on to second decade of the 21st Century technology? Yessssss... On the other hand, we've been doing so long that Blogger used to be "where it's at", so to speak.