Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Head Slapper

Who can spot the error here?
Dave --

I’m Kurt Fritts, and as DLCC Regional Strategist, I’m responsible for tracking policy and campaign developments in Oregon and several other states.

So take it from me – the GOP proposals to reduce access to the voting booths are extreme, they’re designed solely to help elect Republicans, and they’re happening nation-wide, including in Oregon.

The Republican bills in Oregon and 34 other states are nothing more than thinly-veiled attacks on the rights of seniors, students, and minorities to cast ballots. They open the door to mass-challenges and harassment of eligible voters, with little recourse for those wrongly targeted.

Other GOP proposals in Oregon and 25 other states would severely restrict people’s options for registering to vote or voting early or absentee.

We need your help to stop this assault on democracy and overcome GOP voter-suppression tactics. Can you help Democratic legislators across the country by contributing $10 or more to the DLCC?

The audacity of this nation-wide power-grab is unprecedented.

But the bottom-line is this: When Republicans tell us they don’t want us to vote, that’s when it’s most critical that we do.

Republicans may think voter-suppression is their ticket to victory this cycle, but it won’t be if Democrats fight back with everything we have.

Thank you for your support.


Kurt Fritts
Regional Strategist
The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee

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