Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Listen, Spock

Been reading and participating is some hot abortion debate over the last few days. The consensus on the left is that people who shout "abortion is murder" can't possibly actually mean this, because then they would also be calling for life sentences for women who abort their babies, which is something that almost no one does. Having refuted the basic claim - that honest people really do believe that life begins at conception and abortion is killing a person - the conversation then moves to the "real" motives of these people. (Oh, it is also often noted that many anti-abortion screamers have no problem obtaining abortions for themselves or others). The most popular theories being that rich white folk want to control women, poor minority women, and/or poor people in general.

I'm not sure I disagree, necessarily, but it occurred to me this morning that for the most part, the thinking of people who scream "abortion is murder" goes something like this:
Jesus said abortion is murder and nothing you say is going to change that. He's God, you're not.

Logic is not going to win the day here.

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