Wednesday, December 15, 2010


  1. Box Elders, Alice and Friends. If this, and not Crooked Rain, 'd followed Slanted and Enchanted, it'd've been less surprising. Gtrs, bs, drum and organ. Songwriting born punk but trending rock, sad stories for lyrics.
  2. Dental hygenist/shrink/nutritionist, all dancing with me today before Jesus lets me set down.
  3. Writing on this blog - and not the regular one - in hopes nobody/somebody's reading. A familiar, but embellished, speechlessness and/or gagging has m'befallen.
  4. I thought I'd known depression by December 2008, but that was numpin. Wait til you actually get the things you want from your life; then you'll know the unhappiness, seasickness and slow dying that come with vivre sa vie.
  5. Your gut expands and distends, your chest sours and waking approximates a bloody sneeze. You make a list of people you love the most and become progressively horrified for them and their proximity to you.
  6. Spirits and demons take on a rhetorical utility.
  7. Reading Blood Meridian, which is a hoot and big time life-affirmer.
  8. Aqua aerobics also this AM! Damned if we won't have an aggressive internal monologue amidst all the me time therein.

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