Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ah, Good Ol' 1208

1208 Kelly Blvd., Springfield, OR, the house I grew up in, is for sale.

This 759 square foot beauty features two bedrooms and one bath. It has an "open floor plan" which, in this particular case, means that it would be crazy to waste the space between the living room and the kitchen with a wall.

As can see in this photo gallery, petty bourgeois indulgences like dining tables and/or space will not be a temptation. And check out that sweet gate (can I get a close up of that ironwork?) which is wide enough to allow you to park a vehicle in the back yard, should the garage, driveway, street, and tire-rutted side yard not be enough capacity for all your vehicles.

The immediate area features several unpaved streets, so male youngins can partake in the neighborhood tradition of rock fighting and making long skid marks with their bicycles. (I have no idea what a girl might do in this neighborhood. Not sure there were any when I grew up. Well, not at the rock fights.)

Can a family of four, two dogs, and two birds live comfortably in such space? No. No, they cannot.

How much would you pay for this fine house and piece of solidcitizen history? An astounding $165,000. I shit you not.


Amber Cooper said...

I stalked your old house yesterday. You accurately capture its smallness in your post. Ben's parent's house a block from yours, was 800 square ft. They more wisely knew there was no point in trying to sell it for money, any amount would have been hilarious/ridiculous. So they demolished it. Replaced with 2000 sq ft manufactured home. Perhaps you could tell the current owners of your old house of this possibility... anonymous note left in their mailbox?

Anonymous said...

My parents' house in central NJ--three BRs, one bath, unfinished basement, mebbe 800 sq ft--went for $55k in 1978 and $225k in 2002.

I still cry a little when I drive by; if I had the walking-around-money, I might just buy it.