Monday, April 5, 2010

A 2010 Census Message from Karl Rove

Because Karl Rove coming out on behalf of the ACORN-friendly, socialistic (and social scientistic) institution known as the US Census merits OG attention.

[Anybody out there, by the way?]


gabbagabbahey said...

who are your favourite founders? I didn't realise it was like a baseball team.

I better work out my favourite of the signatories of 1916 Proclamation, in case anybody asks me.

lex dexter said...
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lex dexter said...


You're always there for this rusty weblog!

If we use co-blogger Wobs' decision to name his child as any indication of the OG's favourite signatories - AND I THINK WE SHOULD - I feel comfortable saying de Valera's our dude.

As far as Founders, I share a life/house/civil partnership with one US historian, and share this blog with another one, solidcitizen. I'll let them do the talking on that topic.

gabbagabbahey said...

unfortunately, de Valera didn't sign the Proclamation, although there was another Eamonn, Ceannt, who did (and has the Galway train station named after him). (and of course Dev was involved in most things after that, such as the Constitution.)

I'd have to go with James Connolly, since he was the one socialist of the seven.

lex dexter said...

Shame on me. I even have a picture postcard (!!!) that commemorates the signatories, but must've superimposed de Valera's name onto that list on account of having visited his cell at Kilmainham, and on account of the overall impression the experience made upon me.

wobblie said...

Wait - are we playing Fantasy Founder? I like Thomas Paine for scoring high in the "revolutionary rhetoric" column, but fear he'll ultimately be a drag in "substantive contributions to the government."