Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Used in a Cynical Way" by the BHO admin

Inspired by a day spent stewing on EZ's previous query:
  1. From a trade unionist point of view, was it worth tabling EFCA for the Senate version of health care reform?
  2. Or, knowing what we know about the White House after this debacle, were we insane to thing we'd get any real "support" on EFCA in the first place?
  3. Would EFCA help more people, at this point, than the existing Senate health care bill?
Extra Credit: Is it disingenuous to talk about the "Senate bill" at this point, given that we've still got a lotta empirical questions about what, exactly, is in the Senate bill.

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wobblie said...

Political capital ain't worth shit if you're not willing to use it. And you can't "save" it for "something important." The very act of not using it fritters it away.

And I'm going to reiterate something I said elsewhere: I wish HRC was somewhere on the health care tip.