Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hey Solid--Dig That NY-23 Gestalt!

Doug Hoffman NY-23 ad feat. Fred Thompson!

(Thompson, the legendary 2008 prez chasepacker, was also in Die Hard 2: Die Harder, which I still kinda like.)


evil r + b guy said...

Some "straight talk" set to a melancholy but patriotic strain in the background. "America is in trouble." I'd like to try out for some of these television spots using the "hey boy" character.

dave3544 said...

More importantly, Fred Thompson was in Hunt for Red October.

"Your average Russian don't take a dump without plan, son."

lex dexter said...

Of course I agree about the 'hey boy' tryouts.

Who the hell is Fred speaking to when he says "people like us," by the fucking way? Dennis Franz? Fred's about as 'rural' as my American Apparel hoodie.

lex dexter said...

I love your weblog and read it avidly. I haven't seen Red October since it was in theatres but will gladly screen as many Fred Thompson movies as you like if we can one day socialize again.

yerobain said...

maybe it was just on my screen, but the combination of Fred's 3 o'clock shadow and youtube pixels that gave him an awesome John Waters style mustache.