Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Banks, insurance companies, and the GOP can die in a fucking fire

One day, earlier this year, our neighbors across the street - an older woman and her daughter who had a developmental disability - suddenly moved away. When we got back from our vacation this week, we saw that the house was for sale as a foreclosure. Tonight, we learned why.

The woman had lived in the house for over 30 years. She raised 4 children in her home. One of her daughters apparently developed a drug problem, and the woman took out a loan on the house to help pay for her rehabilitation. She took out another loan to pay for another child's heart surgery. The woman, who was retired, saw her retirement investments go south when the economy tanked last fall.

This woman did everything right by her family, but the banks wouldn't even think about cutting her a break. No insurance company would cover her daughters' medical needs. And the GOP would never think about helping her out of a bad situation with loan restructuring or providing adequate access to health care.

And people wonder why I hate - hate - these fuckers.


EZ said...

it is not that surprising that the very limited, and not fully implemented programs to help struggling homeowners aren't working. Congress needs to force the banks to deal with peaps...As I was discussing with the misses, by bailing the banks out with no strings cash, they have no need or incentive left to deal on underwater properties. The company is safe thanks to taxpayer dough, and now they can work through their inventory and turn what was possibly a serious loss into something....no incentive to deal with struggling debtors....Bad planning on the part of the treasury, unless they were working for goldman-sachs or something....

Nathan said...

not for nothin', but the wall streeters here refer to G-S as "the Death Star" or the "Vampire Squid on the Face of Humanity".

one more - this country was founded on the very ideals and corporate actions that some of Us find horribly immoral and evil. these institutions/orgs/gov'mint are simply Adhereing to the tenets of the Founding Fathers. Really.

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