Friday, August 7, 2009

We The People Stimulus Package

I am particularly interested in those individuals who decide it's time to put on the historical garb. This is about as close to a set of Tea Party 'first principles' as I've so far found.

"If you decide to do nothing again, then buy a gun. You'll need it."


evil r + b guy said...

I was hoping this was another episode of "drunk history."

yerobain said...

It's especially great when the guy in 18th century garb utters the words "You say 'Implement the e-verify system'...and they ignore you".

lex dexter said...

very nice to sample yr witty back-talk, Ninja.

ps - I'm going to be w/i hours of Chicago for a good part of 2010. Watch thine ass.

yerobain said...

I'm sharpening my throwing stars.