Sunday, May 10, 2009

The rise of the dead?

Just thought I would let ya'll know that the LA forum show was very hot. the setlist:
(Set 1)
Viola Lee Blues->
Viola Lee Blues->
Caution-> (raging! warren screaming something about a Gypsy woman)
Viola Lee Blues->
Black Peter
Cosmic Charlie

(Set 2)
Shakedown Street
New Speedway Boogie
Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
Drums >
Dark Star
Wharf Rat
Dark Star

One More Saturday Night

Warren was sharp, there was very little aimless noodling, and the sound was excellent. I would recommend catching any and all possible future shows (with this lineup)

I am finishing up my finals week, and intend to begin posting more frequently (as in more than not at all) but first, piles of tests to grade....

I love reading Lex and SoliCit, but I wish that Wobs, Dave3544, and Ash would come out of retirement or "whatever", return to the OG, and we could have even more extended dialogue and good-natured back-and-forth over the ongoing apocalyptic deterioration of the "free" market system, the debate over holding torturers accountable, and of course the sad saga surrounding EFCA. Helloooo????? Are you out there?????? Would it kill you to post once in a freakin blue moon? (like me....)I know you comment here and there, but that isn't the same thing......just sayin. organize some serious grievances.... work it is the answer... (I might be slightly influenced by my experiences from last night, but still....)


brown beard said...

I like the part about the Gypsy woman

dave3544 said...

My knowledge of the Dead and the jam band thing is legendarily limited. Is it generally considered a good thing when a band plays the same song twice in a set? I refer here to Dark Star in the 2nd set.

EZ said...

dave...It is most means they went far the freak out far that they played a different song, and then post-2nd song noodling led them back to the first song....this is quite a feat to pull off...imo.....

I will look for clips and post them if possible.

ash said...

almost as skillful as dave's sidestepping of the question about returning to the OG. (she said as she evaded the same question...)

lex dexter said...

(don't get me started)

(don't rub it in - i'm giving up tix for Dead/Allmans/Doobies this very wkd!)

(long may you run. 'will we ever hang out - in person or online - ever again?)

how are you not taking le young wobs/E to that sonic youth gig? 'bad for his golfing ears?

'still domesticating my new domicile, but More Lex Than You Require will be in full gear soon, so help me.

wobblie said...

lex wrote: how are you not taking le young wobs/E to that sonic youth gig? 'bad for his golfing ears?

Short answer: babysitter.

Longer answer: past his bed time.

Longest answer: daddy wants to get intoxicated and enjoy himself without worrying what the people with facial piercings have done with his child.

Look! The OG band's back together!

dr said...

I just talked to somebody who was at one of the west coast shows, and he was raving about how great it was. Apparently there were scantily clad dancers and fire juggling.

So if you're in to that sort of thing, The Dead seem to be pretty alive these days.