Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How Not to Join a Union

from the Center for American Progress, prolly the liberal wonk-Tank closest to l'administration.

if you've been avoiding the jargon-y EFCA talk up until now, here's as accessible a place as any to jump in.


Anonymous said...

Has it generally been your experience that the employer wears the handlebar mustache all the time? I thought they generally only wore those when tying damsels to train tracks.


gabbagabbahey said...

yeah, for something called the Center for American Progress, they're showing a quite outdated notion of facial hair as status symbol.

unless that's part of the plan to make employers seem more backwards and reactionary.

thin propaganda, man. (nah, not really. that made a lot of sense + was clear, from what I know of the issue, which is pretty much what this video said)

yerobain said...

I've been pretty unclear about how all this union stuff works, so that's why the little details, like a soda machine to give me context, were so helpful.