Friday, April 10, 2009


Listen To Her Heart 1978 Tom Petty

If this isn't working for you, you can watch it here.

You know, I don't get the Petty hate out there. Maybe if you're only knowledge of him was Full Moon Fever, which is middling rock over-played to the point of annoyance, then maybe. Then again, it could be just me. It could be that you needed to be a ten-year-old Solid and watching MTV in 1982 and have "Refugee" be the most interesting thing you had seen on the box. Although how you could deny "You think you're gonna take her away, with your money and your cocaine" is beyond me. Give Tom three minutes, you got nothing better to do on a Friday.


brown beard said...

"you got nothing better to do on a Friday"

Actually, I'm about to go into my lab and place powdered rock into Methylene Iodide, with hopes of recovering several grains of the mineral apatite. Tell Tom I said hi, though.

wobblie said...

I'm down with you, SC. "American Girl" still gives me chills.

Davediggler said...

"You Got Lucky" is a pretty sweet Petty jam too.

Davediggler said...
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Anonymous said...

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