Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ah, "Moderates"

Looks like we lost Feinstein on EFCA as well. Dig this:
"I think in this economy that what has to happen is that the unions and management get together and try to see if they can work out something," Feinstein said.
Yes, because after management has managed to fuck this economy nine ways 'til Sunday, we need to make sure that they stay in charge of this thing. Wouldn't want to go nuts and make it easier for the workers to have a voice, would we? I mean, I am sure the anti-EFCA forces will be perfectly willing to make some compromises that are good for everyone. And why do I deeply suspect that the compromises will be something along the lines of "stiffer penalties for management when they break the law balanced by stiffer penalties for unions." In other words, more of this crap where we pretend like there is a level playing field and both sides need to work to make nice-nice. Fuck that noise.


lex dexter said...

Seriously?!? Jesus wept.

Anonymous said...

Do you think it has to do with her plans to run for gov of CA? Or why else would a Democrat from CA say something as stupid?