Thursday, February 26, 2009

How are you an asshole? Let me count the ways

1. You seem to enjoy making your kids cry
2. Not only do you seem to enjoy making them cry, you enjoy filming them and then displaying them on the internet to score points
3. Not only do you make your kids cry to score points on the internet, you're lying to them in order to make them cry
4. Of the $800 billion to which you refer - the stimulus package - roughly $400 billion of that comes in the form of tax cuts. A quick search of your videos shows me you did not try to make them cry the last time someone proposed tax cuts. What changed?
5. You also didn't try to get them to cry over the roughly $1 trillion of their money squandered over the last 6 years killing brown people in the Middle East
6. You probably will also try to make them cry about the health care reform which will pay for the therapy they'll need in about twenty years

1 comment:

solidcitizen said...

Simply powerful! Way to go all you Obamaniacal lunatics. This is what your precious Obama is going to leave to future generations. The tears of this young boy are more precious than the evil tears of those who wept at the inaugural for our new Caesar. As much as I am convinced that the likes of Schiff, Paul and the Austrian school of economics are providing the strongest intellectual arguments, it's this boy who has provided the most POWERFUL argument there can ever possibly be.