Sunday, January 11, 2009

Overheard on Twitter

Fantasy Island had that crap right: "careful what you wish for" is the ultimate frame for the Revenge Movie that is this life.

[micro-blogging is like blog-bonsai. and twitter is off the chain if you know the right people.]


lex dexter said...


Complimented a drunk ex-con for playing Chuck Berry's "Nadine" 3 times on the jukebox at my uncle's bar and may have made a new friend!

lex dexter said...

@twitterkins (= funnyman Paul F. Tompkins)

"Hey, Evan Rachel Wood, I don't think anyone's gonna steal your PURSE at the GOLDEN GLOBES."

lex dexter said...

more @twitterkins/golden globes:

Re: Danny Boyle's hair. I know people drink at this event, but do they also rub balloons on their heads?

lex dexter said...


"Uniball pens nabbed S. Epatha Merkerson as their spokeslebrity? What a "get!"

this is pretty much the level of reportage/editorializing i can tolerate at this point.