Thursday, January 29, 2009

Trots for Romney: Victims of their Own Success?

Chicago, IL

The (nonetheless thriving, imminent) movement for a workers' state in the US of A suffered a dramatic blow yesterday, as two prominent socialist-activists abandoned the surging, Situationist-inspired "Trots for Romney," citing the former group's "bonapartist tendencies" and a generalized anxiety about the ranks of the Romney-Trots having grown past 10 members. The dissident former members, now working under the provocative heading of 'Trots for Blago," aired their grievances yesterday in the predictable format of mimeographed theses:
As our former comrades began to deploy bourgeois forms such as speakers' lists and take-out pizza at our meetings, we knew that even a project as potentially radicalizing as our Steve Forbes for Mayor of San Francisco campaign would be reduced to so much Spartacist-ish white noise: further fruit of a Trotskyite (not Trotskyist), surrealist (not dadaist) poison tree.
The "Trots for Blago" leaders have promised to have their very own shitty newspaper up and running by next Wednesday.

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