Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday traditions

You know my favorite thing about the holidays? The carols. Who doesn't have memories of gathering around the tree with family and loved ones and singing this chestnut?

God, I fucking love Christmas! What's your family's twisted tradition (aside from your uncle getting drunk and ruining the holiday)?


dave3544 said...

I get to go to the in-laws and have my every word and action scrutinized for evidence that I am a bad person and their daughter clearly could have done better.

ash said...

yeah, i'm with you on the in-law hell. i'm on day three (of five. dear god, FIVE!!!) with the MIL and i am literally hiding in my room. i have elevated the "if you can't say something nice..." to a whole new level.


dave3544 said...


i have not spoken unless spoken to for about seven years. it's awkward, but i swear in the very few times i have volunteered info, I have gotten trouble.

fortunately, weather preventsus from heading up this year.

dave3544 said...
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wobblie said...

A festivus miracle for dave!

Jen said...

My Norwegian-American family insists on making the traditional "rice mush", which I believe was one of many dishes that very poor Norwegians made back in the day before oil was discovered in Norway. The one who finds the hidden nut gets a surprise (usually a Christmas tree ornament). Woo hoo!
I do not have in-laws, but going back to a conservative small town as a 30-something single woman is no picnic. Uffda.